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About Khrew

Located in the heart of the famous Srinagar district of Jammu & Kashmir, Khrew is a small yet beautiful town. This beautiful place is not as famous as the other places of this state and hence we have heard less about this place. The hidden details behind this place make it even more attractive. This can be a famous tourist spot once people come to know about it. This article gives a detail study of Khrew. Let us find out through this article different aspect of this small town of Jammu.
Khrew, Jammu & Kashmir

Geography of Khrew

Khrew is located in Srinagar district of Jammu state and is situated at an elevation of 1607 metres above sea level. It is surrounded by rivers and small villages. Some of the villages that surround Khrew are Shar-e-Shali, Androssa, Bathen and many more. The surrounding villages make this small town even more beautiful. The population in these villages are less. You can visit these villages once you visit Khrew.

Tourism of Khrew

Khrew is a small town and when you visit this town there are many holy places which you must visit during your stay in Khrew. The most famous temple located in Khrew is Jawala Bhagwati Temple. Jawala Bhagwati is the goddess of fire and is a famous holy spot in Khrew. This temple is located at an elevation and can be reached only after climbing several stone steps. During the months of July and August the annual fair of Jawala Mukhi takes place in this temple.

Khrew Tourism

Devotees from all across the world visit this place in order to seek blessings from the goddess. Apart from this temple there are some holy shrines of the Islam located in this region. Some of the renowned shrines are Sabir shah, Baba Qasim Sahib. You can pay a visit to these holy places once you visit Khrew.

Economy of Khrew

There are many cement factories situated in Khrew and this becomes the main source of revenue of the place. Apart from cement factories the growth of saffron, walnut and almonds adds up to the economy of this place. The cement factory is the source of the main employment of the region. Local people tend to work in the cement industry and earn their livelihood. Farming of saffron, almonds and walnut is also a major source of income of this area. Also you can find these dry fruits at a much cheaper rate in this place.

Health in Khrew

Although a small area but Khrew owns some good and hygienic hospitals. There is a government hospital with 20-25 beds and good facilities like several doctors, medicines and many more. The death rate in Khrew is high due to several health issues and hence in the present day the government has taken some steps in order to remove these health issues. The hospital is provided with good facilities to treat the patients in a proper way and reduce the death rate.

How to Reach Khrew

When you are visiting Khrew then you must know the available routes that will lead you to Khrew. Apart from different railway stations and airports of Jammu and Kashmir the best way to reach Khrew is through road. The road journey leading to Khrew is amazing. There are connecting bus and taxi services that you can opt for.

Fact File of Khrew

Best Time To Visit: March to October
Languages Spoken: Kashimiri
Currency: Rupees
District: Srinagar
Total Population (As per 2001 census): 18,411
Literacy Rate: 42%
Telephone Code: 01933
Pin Code: 191103

These are some of the common points which you must keep in your mind when you are paying a visit to this place. Any other suggestions are also accepted. Hope this article will help you to know more about Khrew. We hope this article was helpful for you. Visiting Khrew once you visit the magnificent Jammu & Kashmir can be a good option. Tourists will enjoy a nice stay in Khrew.

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